QMI Water / glycol hydraulic treatment with PTFE


Hydraulic systems that use fireproof water / glycol, work under high temperatures and stress without the benefit of petroleum based lubricants. These conditions shorten the life of the various components. In addition, it entails higher energy costs as well as expensive repairs. Protect the water / glycol hydraulic system with QMI’s specially made PTFE metal treatment, which is described as “wet ice against wet ice”. Use this wear coating that also reduces friction and heat transfer, and you will find that the equipment works optimally.

  • 0.1 liters



• Reduces friction and wear
• The components last longer
• Reduces heat transfer and stress
• Less noise
• Minor repairs
• Reduces cavitation
• Increases performance
• Protects against corrosion
Longer water / glycol life

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Technical Data Sheet

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Safety sheet

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