QMI Radiator treatment


QMI RADIATOR TREATMENT with PTFE provides safe, efficient and long-lasting protection for all types of cooling systems for internal combustion engines. Rust and corrosion inhibitors protect metal surfaces from starting to leak, so that coolants disappear. QMI PTFE provides a protective film that keeps the surface clean. Other additives in QMI RADIATOR TREATMENT prevent the coolant from making harmful deposits that can clog the system. Taken together, these things will get the maximum effect out of the cooling system. QMI RADIATOR TREATMENT is safe to use for all types of cooling systems for internal combustion engines. It does not contain any aggressive substances that could cause damage to equipment or prevent the cooling water from being recycled. This will extend the cooling system’s service life, and reduce repair costs, so that the cooling system works optimally.




• Reduces friction and wear
• Reduces heat transfer and noise
• Reduces energy consumption
• Prevents overheating
• Increases performance
• Reduces maintenance
• Protects against corrosion
• Reduces cavitation
• Reduces turbulence

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Technical Data Sheet

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Safety sheet

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