QMI Radiator Cleaner (Cooling System Cleaner)


QMI RADIATOR CLEANER is an effective agent that quickly dissolves and cleans away rust, deposits, lime and oil residues. It works quickly and efficiently in cleaning the cooling system in a safe way. After cleaning, cooling and heat exchange will improve considerably. It is safe to use for all components of the cooling system. Cooling system is designed to be able to effectively remove unwanted heat from the internal combustion engine. A tight cooling system may seem perfectly fine from the outside, but the result is poor cooling and heat exchange. Corrosion causes leakage, especially in joints and where hoses are attached to metal. A cooling system that does not work optimally can cause large expenses and can quickly damage an engine.




• Rinse off contaminants
• Clean the entire cooling system
• Improves cooling and heat exchange
• Prevents overheating
• Dissolves rust, deposits and limescale
• Removes sludge, silicates and oil residues
• Safe in use on all types of radiators
• Safe in use for hoses and gaskets
• Environmentally friendly, can be used in recycling

Additional information

Weight0.3 kg

5 liters, 1 liter, 320 ml

Technical Data Sheet

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Safety data sheet

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