QMI Waterless Wash and Polish with PTFE


QMI QMI Waterless Wash and Polish with PTFE are designed to protect the surface optimally, with a hard, mirror-like surface. This surface protects against oxidation, ultraviolet rays and dirt. PTFE is a chemical that is unaffected by most other chemicals, and protects against corrosion, road salts, insects, and discoloration from sunlight. This particular polish has as many as 5,000 particles of PTFE in every square inch. Spray on with finely divided spray. Use a fiber cloth and distribute the contents evenly over, as well as dissolve impurities in the varnish. Allow the product to dry to a whitish film. Use a new fiber cloth and polish the surface until it is super smooth and shiny clean.

  • 0.700 l

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• Maximum gloss and durability
Spray directly on the surface even if it is not completely clean.
• Protects against discoloration from sunlight
• Seals the paint against contamination
• Easy to keep clean
• Can be used with “Clear-cote”
• Easily polished by hand
• Very durable

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions11 × 5 × 24 cm

Technical Data Sheet

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