QMI EGR Cleaner – Sprayed through the air intake


Made through the air intake. Can be used with EGR cleaner for fuel.

QMI EGR-Clean will clean the entire combustion system before the system becomes 100% clogged. Should be used as soon as you notice a decrease in engine performance, abnormal gait or increased fuel consumption. It will be an advantage to do this cleaning once a year or every 10,000 km. When the QMI Fuel Enhancer is used, this can be done every 20,000 km.
QMI EGR-Rens is mixed with as hot water as possible (Over 60 degrees, preferably 80), so that you get about 1 liter of ready-mixed liquid. Bring the engine to normal operating temperature. Run the engine for approx. 1200-1500 rpm. Remove the air filter or hose before the turbo or air damper. Inject into the air system with a low pressure syringe which atomizes the liquid. Inject some agent first, turn off the engine and let it work for 1 minute. Start the engine and then spray the rest of the QMI EGR Cleaner into the air supply. Finally, rinse with 1/2 liter of clean warm water,
(60-80 degrees) while the engine is running at approx. 1200-1500 rpm.
For every 1% power increase on the turbo, you reduce fuel consumption by 0.6%

  • 0.320 liters



  • Your turbo / EGR valve will work optimally
  • Increases horsepower / torque
  • Know the difference.
  • Cleaner turbo / DPF – which gives increased power.

Technical Data Sheet

Link to technical data sheet


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