QMI DPF cleaner – USES after disassembly



Concentrated and water-based, does not contain white spirit or diesel
Removes deposits from DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)
Increases the effect
Extends the life of the DPF filter


QMI DPF-Rens contains water-soluble surfactants which are very effective on diesel soot. They lift the soot from the surface so that it can be rinsed out
QMI DPF-Cleanse is mixed with as hot water as possible (Over 60 degrees, preferably 80), so that you get approx. 1 liter of ready-mixed liquid. Seal one side of the filter and. First fill it 2/3 and shake the filter well for 30 seconds and then fill it completely with QMI DPF-Rensen. Leave the filter for approx. 30 minutes, so that all the soot detaches from the filter. After 15 min. drain about 20% of the liquid and shake the filter well for 1 minute. Fill the filter with warm water and leave it for 15 min. to. Then drain 20% of the liquid and shake the filter well for 1 min. When done, put the filter under a spring or use a hose with good pressure and hot water. The filter must be rinsed until there is no color on the water. Dry the filter with compressed air, or leave it for a while so that all the water drains out.

  • 0.320 liters


Additional information

Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions8 × 5 × 21 cm

Technical Data Sheet

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SDS Environmental Information

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