QMI Ashless Blue Hydraulic oil ISO 32, 46, 68 From NOK 155.00 incl. VAT. and oil tax



Less wear
Protects against rust and decomposition of the oil
Separates water from the oil very quickly
Stops sweating and siging
Very good foam and air control of hydraulic fluid.
Low friction saves energy and good effect in cold and hot weather
Selected base oils provide extended service life of the oil
Has active anti-wear additives, which protect critical components
Very oxidation stable
Special surfactants protect against rust and corrosion



QMI® AW Hydraulic Oil

QMI Ashless Blue hydraulic oil has the highest quality oil. Zinc-free hydraulic oil with particularly good qualities at low temperatures. Well suited for mobile cranes and other hydraulics
equipment operating in low and varied temperatures. Selected base oils and advanced additive technology provide the very best protection of equipment as well as longer life. QMI AW oils contain active wear agents, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-foam additive components. These properties protect hydraulic components such as pumps, pipes, hoses and resist rust, corrosion, wear and oil oxidation. QMI AW oil also has excellent water separation, even at high temperatures.


Recommended for hydraulic pumps and hydraulic high-pressure circulation systems from:

  • Parker Hannifin (Denision) HF-O, HF-1, HF-2, & T6H2OC
  • Eaton Vickers 35VQ25A Pump, M-2950-S, & I-286-S
  • Cincinnati Milacron P-68, P-69, & P-70

o DIN 51524-2


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