QMI Air tool treatment with PTFE


Air tools operate at extremely high speeds with minimal lubrication. Aggressive moisture from compressed air causes cavitation / attack of the bearing and the metal surfaces. Dirt of the turbine blades causes reduced speed, loss of torque and ultimately expensive repairs. Ignoring lubrication and maintenance can lead to accidents. QMI air tool lubrication lubricates better than any oil. It reduces friction, increases performance and protects against corrosion. Also protects the equipment during storage. 10 drops is enough to revive a slow tool.





• Brings slow tools back to life
• The tool lasts longer
• Reduces friction and wear
• Increases performance
• Reduces heat transfer and noise
• Protects against moisture and water
• Less maintenance
• Protects against corrosion
• Less energy consumption
• Less cavitation

Additional information

Weight0.3 kg

Technical Data Sheet

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Safety sheet

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