QMI 220 Waterproof Grease with PTFE


QMI 220 WATER-RESISTANT Grease is a high-quality grease made from specially high-refined lubricating oils with inlaid PTFE. This highly refined lubricating oil reduces the lubricant’s ability to absorb a variety of contaminants found in cellulose / paper and metal production. The degree of thickness of the oil was chosen to provide optimal protection under high load, at low to moderate high speeds.
The thickener used in QMI 220 WATER-RESISTANT FAT is a specially developed mixture of chemicals, which has been selected to provide a very high level of resistance to water leaching and decomposition from wet foam. A specially developed production technique has been used to make QMI 220 WATER-RESISTANT FAT so that it provides increased resistance to being degraded, and that it differs, due to high loads and contaminants. QMI 220 WATER-RESISTANT GREASE is a blend of surfactant lubricants and polymers developed to greatly reduce friction and wear, and will create a strong barrier against water penetration and water-soluble contaminants. It is these typical contaminants that cause the loss of the lubricant’s thickening ability, which in turn leads to higher temperatures, greater wear and ultimately premature collapse. When using QMI 220 WATER-RESISTANT Grease, the lubrication frequency can often be reduced by 1/5 of normal good grease.

  • 1 tube (400gram)



• Superior durability in water
• Reduces friction and wear
• Unique pendant
• Protects against corrosion and heat transfer
• Increases lubrication intervals
• Withstands extreme temperatures
• Withstands extremely high pressure

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions6 × 6 × 24 cm

Technical Data Sheet

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Safety sheet

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