QMI Aquapel Glass Treatment


Aquapel Aquapel glass treatment provides a much better view and overview of what you see through the windshield when it rains, snows or fog.

Aquapel is based on a technology that causes Aquapel’s fluorocarbons to react permanently with the glass surface. This coating becomes so strong that it lasts 6 times longer than competing silicone products, even where the wipers work. Put safety in the driver’s seat, use Aquapel.

  • 50 ml



  • Far better visibility in traffic when it rains
  • Rejects rain, snow and sleet
  • Makes it easier to remove ice, snow, insects and contaminants
  • Is active for several months, as much as 6 times longer than other leading glass treatments

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions12 × 4 × 4 cm



Eilif Opheim 30. May 2013 at 11:43
To: Thor Johansen
Hi Thor

It’s been a while since we talked. It’s just fine with me. Previous use of PTFE has not been controlled so thoroughly by me regarding the reduction of fuel consumption until recent years.

Have used PTFE products before I switched to QMI as a preventive on engines in cars, hydraulic drilling rigs, excavators, lawn mowers and chainsaws with good results

I can vouch for your products.

Now has two cars, one goes about 9000 km per year, the other goes about 16000 km.

Have tried Aquapel for two years with new application every year. In the past, I replaced wipers every quarter. After using Aquapel, the wipers last for one year.

This year changed the water and antifreeze on the cars. Then I cleaned the radiator but your QMI radiator’s. A lot of grumbling came out. Then there was refilling of QMI cooling system treatment, antifreeze brand PEAK (changed every five years) and water. The following year I replaced thermostats on both cars. Then I checked the hoses and inside the engine cooling ducts with inspection camera. Was surprised how clean it was. The hoses were as nice inside as if they were new. It has now been two years since the treatment and the cooling water is as clean as when I filled it.

Also treated both car engines with QMI internal engine wash with subsequent QMI engine treatment and new oil. The engine oil was never black after this. At that time I changed oil every 5/6000 km. During the process of internal engine washing, the idle speed decreased and the oil that was drained off was not a nice sight. After QMI engine treatment, the engines got a much calmer / smoother run. This was not difficult to hear.

One year ago I changed the engine oil on the cars, then used your Royal Purple fully synthetic 10W 40 engine oil. One car has now been driven about 16,000 km. The oil is still just as nice to look at. Has changed the oil filter every 5000 km on each of the cars during this period.

One car has an automatic transmission. Changed oil and used Royal Purple MAX ATF Extra and QMI automatic transmission. The car geared much smoother after this.

Also changed servo oil on both cars. Used the Royal Purple Max EZ Steering oil in addition to QMI servo treatment.

On one car, I got an extra reduction in fuel consumption when I changed the servo oil of 0.8 dl.

Has kept a log for about three years on both cars. This shows that petrol consumption has decreased by about 9 and 11%.

With best regards
Eilif Opheim