QMI Restoration package for headlights


Better lighting- Better roadmap – Increases value- Saves money

The problem
Most of today’s cars no longer have glass headlights,
but they are made of a plastic material. As a protective
film over the lens, it is put on a laminate film.
After a while, this laminate film will turn gray and
increasingly opaque due to the influence of the sun
ultra violet rays, air pollutants, road salt etc.
Halogen bulbs create high heat and will affect the oxidation of
the laminate film. Oxidation and other degradations will cause
a blurry film on the headlights, so that the view is powerful
reduced, which affects driving safety. Another
problem is that your car will look old and worn, and the sales value
will sink.

The solution
Previously, the only solution was to replace the headlights. Which cost a lot of money. Eventually, they began to polish the light lens and insert it with either wax or silicone. Now there is a better solution, which is much cheaper than replacing the lights. You can replace the laminate film with a new clear film. This Ever-Wear renewal process removes the old oxidized film and replaces it with a new protective film that is UV stable.
This renovation of the surface makes it as good as new, and will be a much better solution than wax or silicone, both in appearance and use.

Easy to use
Today’s cars are designed so that you have to make major disassemblies to get the headlights out. This is expensive and takes a lot of time. In stark contrast to this procedure, it only takes approx. 15 minutes to treat a headlamp with the Ever-Wear method.
You do not need to disassemble any lamp parts. Each restoration package comes complete with thorough instructions for use, and no tools or special skills are needed.



  • Removes oxidized coating
  • 3-step wet sanding with sandpaper
  • Lens cleaner
  • Application of liquid polymer film


  • Improves the car’s appearance and increases the brightness for better visibility in the dark and safer driving.
  • Completely removes the OE laminate film and makes the surface clean and smooth.
  • Prepares the lens surface for the film coating.
  • Provides protection against UV radiation, fills in small irregularities and dries to crystal clear laminate film, which is complete the original laminate film

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