ATF Cleaning Machine Fully automatic


An advanced Automatic transmission cleaning / oil change machine that gives new life to the automatic transmission. Has all the features that make an oil change easy


Model: CM-102 Plus

Explanation of use:
1. Box cleaning: Add detergent to the A / T system. Only with equipment connected to A / T, even if turned off, can perform flush function.
2. Oil change: Pumps out used oil from the A / F system, at the same time as it accurately adds new ATF oil to the automatic transmission.
3. Adjustment: Increase or decrease the ATF level in the A / T system.
4. Drain: With just one click, the new oil tank, or used oil tank, is emptied.

Features: Two pressure gauges – Thermal printer – Temperature sensor

1. Power supply: AC220V ± 10% ~ 50 / 60Hz AC110V ± 10% ~ 60 Hz
2. Output: 200W
3. Drainage hose: 1 meter
4. Length of the return and return hose: 3 meters
5. Capacity of old / new liquid drum: 20 liters
Total pressure load in cell range: 80 KG
7. Fluid exchange accuracy: ± 100 ml
8. Detergent bottle capacity: 500 ml
9. LCD screen: 4.3-inch, TFT full color
10. Pressure gauge instrument measures in range: 0 ~ 150psi (1 ~ 10Bar)
11. Package size: 710 x 640 x 1190mm
12. Weight 66 KG
13. Comes with a number of transitions to most cars.
14. Automatic detection of oil flow.

Additional information

Weight92 kg
Dimensions71 × 64 × 119 cm

Demonstration model

Sold including VAT. 15.000,00

Used machines

kr. 6,000.00 incl

Rent a machine

kr. 1,000.00 per month incl. VAT.


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